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This project was born in a time of stress-induced need to decorate. During peak 2020, like many, I turned to online retail therapy. But since I couldn't splurge to my hearts content myself, I created a dropship brand to channel my emotional decorating needs into. Calico Market was a small online shop that sold everyday organizational items, as well as handmade and vintage-inspired boho decor, wall art, textiles, and some furniture. During a time we were collectively trapped at home, I wanted to create a space that offered comfort and magic. But it was also an excuse to practice creating a business from scratch, including e-commerce, marketing, and branding. Unfortunately, wasn't able to sustain it, but it was a fun project... and an effective coping method.


  • Brand logo, look + feel

  • Source products from suppliers; 60+ items (AliExpress, Oberlo)

  • Web design and content (Shopify)

  • Instagram content + marketing

  • Online catalog and shopping style boards