This was a conceptual project for a web design class (Fall 2016).

I designed a website to create a space for designers, students, and anyone interested in fashion or styling to be able to create a virtual garment collection, with a focus in prints. The technical sketch style eliminates any implied restrictions that a physical form might suggest, and leaves more room to imagination.

This website is meant to be used as a visualization tool only - it is not designed for the market, so the user is not able to buy their creations.

The first section is the "Library", where the user is able to choose a garment flat template to later manipulate and customize. For first time users, there is a handy dandy guide in the top corner that guides the user through the process. They are given trial runs before they have to make an account to start a collection.

After they choose a flat, they go to the next page: prints.

In the "Print library" page, the user can choose as many fabric swatches as they'd like, and they show up in the studio where they get can get crafty

The studio page is where your creation comes to life, using tools like the eyedropper to place a print, a scaling tool, scissors to create a spliced print. When it's finished, you can add it to your "collection". But this is where the trial run ends and you need to create an account to start a collection. Then you have the option to share on social and then make more fun things

Your collection comes in the form of a very technical looking closet full of funky things inspired by early 2000's fash....congrats! Click the empty hanger to go back to the first page and start a new masterpiece!

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