Grab a few of these one of a kind, silk pouches for your sweet dreamin' ~

Filled with dried organic lavender and rose petals, the inner cotton pouch is removable and refillable; you can use the outer silk pouch separately (for your jewelry, knick knacks etc). or keep them together. Lavender doesnt only smell amazing with calming properties but it's also moth repellant! Hang it up in your closet, in your bathroom, keep it by your pillow.

Press for an aromatic release... take a deep breath.....and relaaaxxx.
perfect for gifting, or treat yourself :)



100% Silk outer pouch

100% Cotton inner pouch

Dried organic lavender and rose petals


3" x 5"

We are currently not accepting returns or exchanges, but we promise you will love your new thing! If you do not, please don't hesitate to reach out, and we will try our best to resolve the issue.